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About Us

What and Who is RHIN-B?

RHIN Biotechnology is a company engaged in the field of biotechnology and agribusiness, especially in the field of tissue culture. RHIN word formed from the initials of the founder family members RHIN Biotechnology, Hendra Suryakusumah. RHIN taken from the first letter Rahma, Hendra, Inaaya, and Niniek. Rahma and Inaaya are his two daughters and Niniek is his wife.

RHIN Biotechnology was established in January 2015, and later RHIN Biotechnology will evolve into a global-scale biotechnology and agribusiness company in Asia.


“Become the best global company in Asia in the field of biotechnology and agribusiness and excel in global competition by relying on the self ability”


  1. Performance improvement through the creation of synergy between business groups.
  2. The management of the company in a professional manner with the orientation of the product quality and exceptional customer service.
  3. Building the competencies and innovation of the company that able to excel in global competition.
  4. Building strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Business Division

A part of business that focuses on increasing public awareness of the importance of biotechnology in everyday life. This division also helps the academics and students who want to do research in the field of biotechnology, especially in the field of tissue culture.

A part of business that focuses on mass production plant with tissue culture method. RHIN-B has high confidence that biotechnology is not necessarily expensive and difficult. With efficiency and continuous innovation of biotechnology can be developed with relatively low cost and good results.

A part of business that focuses on research and innovation that can be applied to support the Division of Manufacture. This division will always think “Out of the Box”, out of habbit. With thinking like that would be expected to produce breakthroughs that can be applied to produce superior plant seeds.